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Optimize your website and increase inquiries, conversions and sales

All prices are exclusive value-added tax

* Our UX designers are personally available for questions concerning the UX feedback and optimization possibilities online via our web tool within the scope of fair-use. In most cases this is sufficient. If the actual consulting effort exceeds this number of hours (see below), we will draw your attention to it. You will have the possibility to upgrade to a larger package.

** Equivalent to 4 hours (Starter), 8 hours (Enterprise) and 12 hours (Enterprise Pro) UX Check and UX consultation and support from a UX designer. One domain starting with www. or another subdomain.

You want more?

We support your company or project on a longer-term basis. Write us!

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Yes. If it turns out that you need more consulting from our UX designers, you can upgrade to a higher package at any time. You can purchase the upgrade for € 150,- plus the difference to the package you want to upgrade to (net excl. VAT).

What checks do you perform? Do you also check the technical implementation and SEO?

We check your website primarily with regard to the optimization of the user experience. We look at how you have implemented your website in terms of providing the best possible user experience. We follow the principles of user-centered design and give you best-practice UX feedback. We don’t offer dedicated technical and/or SEO checks. However, if we notice such a problem, we will provide you with feedback accordingly.

Will you help us implement the optimizations?

Our UX designers are available to advise you on any problem we find. You will also receive a concrete optimization suggestion, if this is possible. Some problems need more consultation – our UX Designers are available for you. However, we do not take over any technical implementation, but we can give you recommendations for reliable partners.

Is the payment secure?

We work with Stripe – a well-known and reliable payment provider. We do not store any credit card or payment data. The data is transferred directly to Stripe.

Will I receive an invoice with VAT?

Yes, you will receive an invoice according to Austrian law.

We have our registered office in the EU (not in Austria). Do we not have to pay VAT? (Reverse-Charge)?

Yes, if you have a valid company tax number please provide us with this information during the checkout.

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