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Complete UX Design Check
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Optimization suggestions directly from UX experts

Your personal UX designer checks your website on smartphones, desktops and tablets and pins optimization suggestions directly on your website. Visible only to you. You need more support? No problem – your UX designer is there to advise you.

Personal UX Consultant

Benefit from UX Design

More likely customers buy after a positive experience [1].


More purchases via mobile devices [2]


Lower bounce rate for online offers [3].

Return per dollar invested in UX [4]


Of customers do not come back after a bad experience [5].

How it works


Step 1: Register for free

Webseite hinzufügen

Step 2: Add your web page

UX Expert Chat

Step 3: Free UX expert chat consulation

Unternehmensziele hinterlegen

Step 4: Set up business goals

Personas hinterlegen

Step 5: Create personas


Step 6: Start website optimization check

Feedback direkt auf der Webseite

Step 7: UX Designer starts checking your page


Step 8: Feedback and suggestions directly on the page

Prioritäten im Auge behalten

Step 9: Check out the feedback or download your Optimization Report

Direkter Kontakt zu ihrem UX Designer

Step 10: Ask questions and get support

Increase sales, inquiries and conversions

Start for free and decide later which website optimization package fits best your needs

What is the UX Check Guru?

UX Check Guru helps companies of all sizes and industries to take advantage of the potential of user experience design. Each project is individually managed by experienced and professional UX designers. Using our state-of-the-art software and tools, we subject your website to an in-depth UX Check. The feedback and optimization suggestions will be pinned directly on the website. Our UX designer is personally available to answer your questions during the implementation.

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience Design focues on optimizing the user experience of websites and products. UX Design describes all aspects of a user’s impressions and experience when interacting with a product, service, environment or facility. User experience design is an essential component of successful products nowadays: Websites, apps and products with a successful UX design have a decisive competitive advantage.

What is the mission of UX Check Guru?

Large companies and corporations already benefit from UX Design. We would like to support you with our experience and knowledge.

What are the advantages of UX Check Guru?

With our UX services you can flexibly and cost-effectively bring user experience design into your project. Depending on the project size and requirements, you can choose from our packages. With our tools we pin feedback and suggestions directly on your website. If needed, you can get consulting support from our UX designer.

How can I benefit from User Experience Design?

Nowadays a good users experience is an essential part of the success of websites and products. Therefore it is important that the user experience of your website or product works well and smoothly. Customers leave a website very quickly if something does not work well or is not clear to them. UX Design increases conversions, sales and the over-all customer satisfaction.

Do I need UX design for my business or project?

Yes. For many companies UX Design is already an essential part of their success. It doesn’t mean your business or product can’t be successful without UX Design. But with increasing digitalization and harder competition, UX design can make the difference in your project.

[1] Qualtrics XM Institute; CX ROI: Better Customer Experience = More Purchases
[2, 3] Djamasbi, S.; McAuliffe, D.; Gomez, W.; Kardzhaliyski , G.; Liu W.; Oglesby F.; Designing for Success: Creating Business Value with Mobile User Experience (UX); in: International Conference on HCI in Business, S. 299-306
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