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Successful websites through UX Design. We show you how.


Increase conversions and sales


Reduce bounce rates


Satisfied customers


Fewer support requests

3.5 ×

more likely customers buy after a positive experience1


more purchases via mobile devices2


lower bounce rate for online offers3

100 $

return per dollar invested in UX4


of customers do not come again after a bad experience5

Experienced UX designers review your website and provide advice.

You will receive individual and concrete optimization proposals.

New website? We also optimize designs in Figma, Adobe XD, …

100% digital. You have access to the results in your dashboard at any time.

Do you need implementation support?

Implementation services are not part of a UX Check

What you can achieve with a UX Check


Increasing sales by optimizing the customer journey


Increase conversions and inquiries through your website


Reduction of support requests


More user-friendly websites


Better alignment of your website with your business goals


Better alignment with the needs of your target groups


Accessible website: Make your website usable for more people


Stay ahead of the competition with UX design


Do it like big companies and profit massively with UX Design

Services included

Personal UX Expert

We find optimization opportunities

Concrete suggestions for improvement

PDF report with all results for download

100% digital: We deposit feedback directly on your website

Chat with your UX designer

Share the results with others

We take into account your business goals

We consider your target group (Personas)

All results as KPIs at a glance

Screenshots of the website + optimization suggestions available at any time

Purchased hours can be used flexibly for UX check or UX consulting (remote)

How UX Check Guru works

[1] Qualtrics XM Institute; CX ROI: Better Customer Experience = More Purchases

[2, 3] Djamasbi, S.; McAuliffe, D.; Gomez, W.; Kardzhaliyski , G.; Liu W.; Oglesby F.; Designing for Success: Creating Business Value with Mobile User Experience (UX); in: International Conference on HCI in Business, S. 299-306

[4] Karat, C. M.; A business case approach to usability cost justification; in: Bias R., Mayhew D. J.; Cost-Justifying Usability; Academic Press 1994

[5] Gomez Inc.; Why Web Performance Matters: Is Your Site Driving Customers Away? (Whitepaper, 2010)

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